Known incompatibilities and cross-mod issues [1.6.4]


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Apr 27, 2014
This is my current list of known incompatibilities for Galacticraft 2.0.14. I may update this first post from time to time.

Issues which players can fix:

DragonAPI (older versions) - fixable as explained here: and here:

CoFHCore - Flat Bedrock feature - if the flat bedrock layers are too thick, it can cause rare crashes during Galacticraft world gen on the Moon, so in the CoFHWorld.cfg file set the number of layers of bedrock to 1.

Mariculture - the recipe compatibility issue with vats can be fixed by setting Galacticraft core config to use an alternative recipe for canisters

Better Animations Collection - makes GC Oxygen mask and tanks not render:
But, it seems like there is a potential fix for that by changing two config values in the Better Animations config, see discussion in the thread for details and updates.

Rendering issues:

Machine Muse's Modular Power Suits - power armor will render wrongly on the Moon (armor positions won't match the slower player limb movements):

The other mod's features break when Galacticraft is loaded

Animated Player - the animations will not work: or, depending on version, there may be a crash:

More Player Models - the extra player models will not be seen:
Smart Moving - similar in 1.6.4. (But Smart Moving compatibility has been added in GC3.)

Incompatibility / crashes

Better World Generation 3

If this is installed, Galacticraft rockets won't be able to take you home to the Overworld from space. If you have another teleport method in your modpack, you can probably use that as a workaround.

[Good news, reports are that Galacticraft 3 (latest versions) is compatible with Better World Generation in Minecraft 1.7.10.]

Aether II :

Colored Lights mod:

VoxelModPack - VoxelFlight submod:

SecurityCraft - Keypads cause a crash:

Some of these ones may need confirmation, I am basing this on what players have reported.
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